Colors of the market


On her last full day in Jamkhed, it was cool and damp and drizzly. Annie and I went to town so she could say goodbye to friends and pick up some last minute keepsakes – beautiful fabric, a chapati maker, and gold earrings. Town smells of an amalgam of animals and spices and gasoline. Annie and I draw many curious eyes our way. Almost every child in their neat school uniform excitedly waves and says ‘Hi!’ to us as we pass. One of my favorite things about town is the fruit stands that line the road: they are so colorful and vibrant and make me think of crisp and crunchy Granny Smith apples that I wish grew in India. But, do you know what does grow in India? Mangoes. Mangoes? Mangoes! They are juicy and sweet and fresh – a great afternoon snack – and they are incredibly cheap. A kilo of golden deliciousness (6 mangoes) is only 30 rupees, about 60 cents! ‘Mango’ is also one of my favorite Marathi words.. Goodbye apple, hello ahm-ba.

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